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Infrastructure and Transportation

Everyone who lives on the Mayo Peninsula has to drive on Central Avenue (Route 214) in order to get on and off the Peninsula. State and county studies have repeatedly confirmed that Central Avenue gets a failing grade and has some especially troubled intersections.

Many areas of Central Avenue lack shoulders for pedestrian or bicycle safety and accidents often stop all traffic on the Peninsula for hours. Average emergency response times are below the nationally recommended average, even without having to navigate through peak traffic congestion. Changes at Mayo Parks are pricing up traffic too.

Problems with Central Avenue are tricky because it is state-owned road, although he county can help influence the projects that may or may not take place.

What to do?

  • Watch for development project that impact traffic and speak up. 

  • Ask the county to fix the APFOs. The APFOs are "adequate public facility ordinances". They are supposed to set thresholds that protect communities from development that deteriorates road safety and school quality. We believe our current APFOs are seriously flawed and especially do not make sense for a peninsula with one road in/one road out. We are working to change this - with better standards for traffic impacts that would slow or stop development in places where the roads are being overwhelmed.

  • Track the county's response to state recommendations for Central Avenue and voice your opinions to county staff and officials.

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