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Take Action

Often we are looking for volunteers to hand out flyers or attend council meetings or write emails. Look here to find volunteer opportunities. Our elected officials are elected by YOU. If you have a concern, then let them know. See the flyer below for ways of contacting our local and state elected officials.

Anne Arundel County Councilpersons: 410-222-1401 and ask for the councilperson you want

District 1 - Sarah Lacey                            slacey@aacounty.org

District 2 - Allison Pickard                       allison.pickard@aacounty.org

District 3 - Nathan Volke                         nathan.volke@aacounty.org

District 4 - Andrew Pruski                        andrew.pruski@aacounty.org

District 5 - Amanda Fiedler                      amanda.fiedler@aacounty.org

District 6 - LIsa Brannigan Rodvien         lisa.rodvien@aacounty.org

District 7 - Jessica Haire                           jessica.haire@aacounty.org  (Councilman for Mayo)

County Executive: 410-222-1821

Steuart Pittman                                                   expitt99@aacounty.org

Mayo's liaison in executive office: 410-222-1785

James Kitchin                                                     exkitc22@aacounty.org

Maryland Government

State Senate - Sarah Elfreth                                sarah.elfreth@senate.state.md.us        410-841-3439

House of Delegates - Seth Howard                   seth.howard@house.state.md.us     410-841-3578

Anne Arundel County Contacts

Recs/Parks - Rick Anthony                                 rpanth49@aacounty.org                    410-222-7300

Health Officer - Nilesh Kalyanaraman, M.D.      www.aahealth.org/contact-us           410-222-7375

Planning & Zoning Officer - Steve Kaii-Ziegler pzzieg99@aacounty.org                  410-222-7450

Board of Education

Superintendent of Schools - Dr. George Arlotto  garlotto@aacounty.org     410-222-5135

Board of Ed Member Dist 7 - Michelle Corkadel mcorkadel@aacps.org     410-5079204

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Neighbors of the Mayo Peninsula