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The Mayo area has some of the best schools in the county which is one o fat many reasons why residents choose move here. Our area is serviced by they South River feeder system which consists of South River High School, Central Middle School, Crofton Woods Middle School, Mayo Elementary, Edgewater Elementary, Davidsonville Elementary, and Crofton Meadows Elementary. The Mayo Peninsula directly feeds into Mayo Elementary, Central Elementary, Central Middle and South River High School. South River High is considered 'closed' which means that it has met 90% of state capacity. Central Middle and Central Elementary are close behind. Overcrowding is schools create larger classes and reduce the quality of education in the classroom as well as limit access to school related materials such as texts and computers. As stated in the last community meeting in May 2016, in areas where schools are closed, building permits should be on hold for 6 years to allow the time for enrollment to stabilize at which time they will be approved for building.

Letters: Steve Schuh's Charge That School Board Budget is Bloated and Politically Motivated is Groundless

May 17, 2018

If you have seen the Board of Education budget proposal, then you may have noticed all of the slashes that County Executive Steve Schuh made to it. The Letter from Board of Education member, Maria Sasso (found in the link below), states that County Executive Schuh described the Board's budget as embellished to "the point of absurdity" and more about "politics than practicality". Ms. Sasso argues that the Board of Education is a nonpartisan Board with it's interest solely for the students of Anne Arundel Public Schools. She claims that Steve Schuh fails to take into account that while the local area continues to grow, the resources have not. Please read the article below for more information. Also, the second link is the marked up Board of Education budget that is posted on the Anne Arundel Public School website.


Impact of County Executive's FY2019 Budget Proposals on AACPS


Impact OF County Executive's FY2019 Budget Proposals On Anne Arundel County Public Schools

May 02, 2018

County Gets $8M More for Schools

March 29, 2018

The increase in construction money is part of capital budget

School Capacity Sparks Debate

March 25, 2018

Developers fear City Council proposal could halt growth in Annapolis

Students Join Gun Control Walkout

March 15, 2018

Find a way to attach the letter.

County School Officials Encourage Alternatives to a Walkout Next Week

March 09, 2018

Some students could join coordinated event across the country on Wednesday

Anne Arundel Executive Proposes $15 Million for Improving School Security

March 07, 2018

Proposal would add 20 school resource officers to public schools

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