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Parks and Natual Areas

The Mayo Peninsula is home to four parks and a public boat ramp/fishing pier. They include South River Farm Park, Loch Haven Park, Mayo Beach Park, Beverly Triton Nature Park and Carr's Wharf. A fifth park, with a possible corridor linking it to South River Farm Park, is proposed for the site of the former sewage treatment plant (also called the Water Reclamation Facility or WRF).

These parks are enjoyed by Peninsula residents, as well as people who visit from eselwhwere in the county and beyond. We fully support this and hope it continues. They offer nature experiences and a variety of water access opportunities that are valuable to all. 

We alos believe that sustainable park management is critical. The parks should be community assets that do add significant traffic burdens to the Peninsula or have a negative impact on shoreline environments and wildlife habitat.

The Neighbors of the Mayo Peninsula, and the community as a whole, have been very active in tracking and reacting to park plans over recent years. Plans continue to develop and it's important that we stay informed and involved. 

Currently, Beverly Triton Nature Park is undergoing large project to reroute the road, create much more parking and construct bathrooms.

What to do?

  • Learn about park proposals as they develop, especially when the county develops its budget each spring. And speak up to county officials! Sign up for our newsletter here.

  • View the latest set of park plans here.

  • Help take care of our parks.

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Neighbors of the Mayo Peninsula