Parks and Natual Areas

The current focus of park development on the Mayo Peninsula is Beverly Triton

Nature Park.

The plans that were approved in early 2019 include rerouting the approach road to

create parking and a gate house on the park side of the road and a turn-around area

on the inland side of the road, in hopes that less traffic will enter the Saunders Point

neighborhood when the park is full.

The plans include approximately 100 parking spaces. The surface is expected to be

impervious, because research shows that the high water table in the area would

make pervious surfaces largely ineffective. A restroom will be built near the open

area to the left of the current entrance, as well as walkways and parking for ADA

purposes. Current plans also include a pavilion and improved kayak launch in the

same area. Trails throughout the park will remain unpaved. A wetlands walk/play

area is planned in the woods to the left of the current entrance, and a

platform/fishing area for the large tidal pond.

Approximately 7 acres of land adjacent to the approximately 300-acre nature park is

currently leased by the Beverly Beach community, but the land may be returning to

direct park management in the near future.

Mayo Beach Park continues to be open for group/event rentals and to the general

public on summer weekends.

The draft plans for other Mayo parks are currently not moving forward. The county

posts park information here:

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