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Envision Mayo

To help plan for growth and development on the Mayo Peninsula, we invite you to join a series of discussions to create our own "Quality of Life" plan for the Mayo Peninsula. The timing of the this project is important, because the update to Anne Arundel County's General Development Plan is underway. This process sets broad guidance for development but as of yet has no element for the community-level planning that Mayo greatly needs. Our goal is to produce a plan that shows what the residents of Mayo envision for our community's future, with specific ideas that would protect or improve our quality of life. We'll review our landscape, transportation, water quality issues, and the county's 2002 Small Area Plan - which citizens helped create, but was largely unused and unenforced. We'll use our plant to provide detailed input to the county as it updates the General Development Plan and to continue advocating for Mayo at every opportunity.

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