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Growth and Development

The Mayo Peninsula urgently needs a detailed land use plan that identifies areas best suited for more development, areas already at capacity and areas that should be targeted for conservation.

The lifting of a building moratorium for the Peninsula in 2017 has triggered a surge of development based on outdated planning at a time when congestion on Central Avenue is at a peak and average emergency response times continue bonged than the nationally recommended average.

The Neighbors of the Mayo Peninsula worked with many people in the Mao community to write up some share priorities in a report called Envision Mayo. Because many people have had problems with their wells, we asked for and succeeded inhaling the county fund a scientific study on our aquifers. 

We also track development proposals and alerts the community to issues of concern. Sign up for our newsletter below.

Things to watch for:

  • Development proposal for the Glebe Heights Forest. A proposal is currently underway to build homes on a number of acres of forest off Loch Haven Road, impacting both traffic and a headwater stream for the South River. Several seriously flawed plans have been submitted to the county and the county has expressed concerns with them. We are actively working to get this land into permanent protection.

  • A proposal to upzone land near Mayo Elementary to construct condominiums on the waterfront.

  • The General Development Plan (GDP) for the county is being updated now. The GDP sets the general guidelines for development in the county and triggers other "small area plans" and zoning changes. Two Mayo residents are on the Citizens' Advisory Committee (CAC) for the GDP.

  • Peninsula Principles: Residents of peninsulas across he county have united to ask the county for a set of laws and regulations that guide development specifically for the unique shoreline environment and road constraints of peninsulas.

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