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New Bay Bridge Span

Bay Bridge Route through Mayo?

In September 2019, the Hogan administration announced its three preferred routes

for a new Bay bridge. Details are vague, but one of those options goes through Mayo. It starts at Route 50, presumably going down Route 214 through Davidsonville, and continues to the end of the Mayo Peninsula, where it would cross the Bay and land near Easton.

While a route through Mayo seems ridiculous, MDTA staff at a recent “open house”

pointed out that all of the routes have human costs and environmental costs. It’s likely that residents along all parts of each proposed route would say the same thing. It is important that our community stay informed, involved and vocal as the process continues.

The other two preferred options are to add a span at the existing Bay Bridge or create a new route to the north that would travel Route 100 and cross the Bay near Gibson Island.

All three routes have a landing in Anne Arundel County. There is also a “no build” option.

The Maryland Department of Transportation is collecting public input on these options. The general website is https://www.baycrossingstudy.com/.  Look under “Public Involvement” to find a list of community meetings, view submitted comments, and submit your own.

Gov. Hogan announced that adding a span at the existing bridge is the best choice (their projections show that it would provide the greatest traffic benefit at the least cost). Anne Arundel county executive Steuart Pittman has spoken out against all routes and the process in general for its lack of innovation. He is opposed to both the Mayo route and the Route 100 route and said he would only support the existing bridge site after a great deal of works is done to pursue other solutions.

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