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Beverly-Triton Nature Park


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  • Fiscal year 2018 Budget - $885,000 for sand replenishment.

  • Fiscal Year 2020 - 4 Million dollars for amenities

  • Members of the Planning Committee recommended that WATERFRONT BATHROOMS would be better located slightly INLAND - SAFE from Storms and NEXT to the Sewer, Electric and Water connections. Their Answer - "An internal decision was made - Bathrooms stay ON the waterfront."

  • At Triton and Carvel Lane - Plans REROUTE these roads for a Parking Lot of 96.

  • This parking lot WILL ELIMINATE a Medic-Vac Landing Site.

  • Amenities to this park are planned for before the planning of the SAFETY of "Dead Man's Curve" on Shoreham Beach Road.

  • Permits are submitted for Sand Replenishment. Though Barging it in "is a possibility", the county says that TRUCKING it in is likely cheaper. SO, this winter, if permits go through, expect at least ONE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED  dump trucks going IN, and OUT, of the Peninsula - 4 trucks IN per hour, 4 trucks OUT per hour, for over 2 months.

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