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Traffic on Mayo Peninsula has consistently gotten worse as more cars enter the Peninsula. The current estimate of possible new homes on the Mayo Peninsula is 630 and the county's plan for 5 public parks on the Peninsula will add over 1,000 parking spaces to add to the already stressed roadways. In 2017, the county finished their 3-phase road improvement project to the intersection of Muddy Creek and Route 214. This project has left the residents sitting behind folks waiting to turn left across now 2 ones of traffic and the new right through lane onto the Peninsula has added a speed lane for folks to jump in front of cars creating a frustrating and dangerous road condition. Loch Haven is still a problematic intersection and, with the rapid rate of development within that community, the intersection will become even more problematic. For an explanation of how traffic is studied and rated, see:


Annapolis, Anne Arundel to Benefit from Bill Increasing Highway, Street Funding

March 14, 2018

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