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Fire and

Emergency Services

Fire and EMS responses are a concern in Mayo because average response times are longer than the nationally recommended average. There are also concerns about access for emergency vehicles because of closures on Central Ave./214 due to accidents and lack of consistent shoulders along that road, which is our only access to the peninsula.


The county opened a temporary emergency services station on the Mayo peninsula in 2018, on Pure Water Way. It operates with 2 personnel and 1 BLS unit weekdays only from 9 a.m. -5:30 p.m. This station was put into place as a pilot program to address community concerns. It is still considered temporary, though it’s unclear when it might end operation.


Data during the pilot study is inconclusive, because most emergency calls on the peninsula to place on Sunday — when the temporary station is not open. Our most active times occur after the station is closed. The county fire department is aware of our need for an emergency station on the peninsula.

Unfortunately, we aren't the only area in need and therefore it comes down to prioritizing these needs and the county budget. Woodland Beach Volunteer Fire Department, in Londontown, is still our main

station. They operate with both volunteers and county career personnel. They have purchased land on the corner of Routes 2 and 214 as a site for a new station, which would be closer to our peninsula than its current location. However, they have not determined for sure that this will in fact be their new location. Also, they face the challenge of raising funds for the new station, which could cost $7 million.

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