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Hillside and 7th

Meeting minutes sent to meeting attendees.

Drum, Loyka & Associates, LLC

Birch Manor Subdivision

Community Meeting

10 December 2019

Edgewater Library

At approximately 6:00pm, Andrew Price welcomed all attendees and called the meeting to order. A Post-Submission community meeting for the Final Plan was held to present the proposed development. It was explained that the meeting was required to be held after the first submission of the Final Plan. the proposed subdivision layout was on display for the attendees to view.

Andrew introduced the project and briefly explained the history of the project. A general site overview was given, including the proposed lots, utilities and open space/forest conservation. the major changes to the layout from the previous community meeting were mentioned, with all of the changes resulting from the layout change from 9 lots to 7 lots, per the minimum size requirement of the Anne Arundel County Health Department.

Andrew Price then gave information about the project as required by Anne Arundel County. The project name is Birch Manor Subdivision. The entire parcel is zoned R2. The proposed lots will be served by public sewer service and private wells. The schools Central Elementary, Central Middle and South River High Schools, all listed as open. This project was removed from the School Waiting List this year, as the current School Utilization Chart now shows South River High School as Open. The number of proposed lots for this subdivision is 7, with the existing Lot 1 (containing the historic house) making a total of 8 lots on the parcel.

The proposed residential product is single-family detached dwellings. Lots created by the subdivision will be accessed by Hillside Avenue and 7th Avenue, 3 of the lots will front Hillside Avenue and 4 of the lots will front 7th Avenue. Please note the Hillside and 7th are not currently intersecting, and an intersection is not proposed as a part of this project. The existing environmental features present of site include 10 specimen trees, which were pointed out on the site plan. A modification was granted by the Country to allow removal of 2 of these specimen trees, with the remaining 8 specimen trees and much of the existing forest to be protected with forest conservation easements. The site is not located within the Chesapeake Bay Critical Area.

Stormwater management will be addressed for this project by using cisterns in accordance with the MDE Stormwater Management Manual. Cisterns will be located on each lot to capture and store stormwater from roof areas before being safely conveyed to the proposed storm drain. Modifications have been granted to remove specimen trees as noted and to dedicate less right-of-way width than required by the Design Manual, in accordance with the recommendations of the approved Traffic Study. No additional modification requests are anticipated at this time.

The meeting was then opened to questions/comments from the attendance:

1. Will there be a fence installed around the property. We do not show a fence on this plan, but it can be added to the plan or installed later, to be determined by the developer. I will pass along the request for a fence to be installed around the property to the developer.

2. Will the  lots fronting Hillside Avenue be accessing Hillside directly from the driveway? Yes, that is shown on the proposed plan. They will have to make a blind turn onto Hillside Avenue, which is very dangerous because that area is higher than the surroundings and there is a bend beyond the site. Road widening will help, but that will still be a dangerous turn to make.

3. You mentioned right-of-way dedication and road improvements. Can you point out where these improvements will be taking place and what will the new width of the road be? The improvements will be taking place along the frontage of the property to both Hillside and 7th. All widening will be done on the property side of the road. The propsed width of the Hillside Avenue is 22' and the proposed width of 7th Avenue is 32'.

4. Will there be a Public Works Agreement to contract the road improvements? When will they be contracted? There is a Public Works Agreement to be executed when the Final Plans are approved for the road improvements to Hillside Avenue. Because the part of 7th Avenue fronting the site is privately owned, a PWA is not required for these improvements. All work for the project will be performed simultaneously, but the exact sequence would indicate that the road improvements will generally be constructed before individual houses are built and lots are graded.

5. What kind of houses are proposed for the lots? I want to assess their value so that I know how my property value will be affected. A final decision has not been made as to a builder for the project. When a builder is ctracted, their houses will be fit into the retangular-shaped house footprints that are shown on this plan. More information will be available at that time.

6. Can you explain further how the stormwater management will work? Yes. The cistern devices will be installed underneath the proposed driveways. The roof leaders for the houses will be piped into the cistern for storage. There will be low-flow and high-flow orifices for the cisterns, to ensure that the tanks do not become flooded during high-flow conditions and that they drain within 48 hours after a rain event. The overflow and low-flow from the cisterns will be piped directly to the proposed storm drain, which will eventually connect to the existing system with the Selby Heights Drive right-of-way.

7. You said that only the roof drainage will be piped to the cisterns. Doesn't this mean that untreated water from the driveway will be discharged directly to Hillside Avenue and 7th Avenue? That's concerning. Only the roof water will be piped to the proposed cisterns. Runoff from the driveways will sheetflow to the Hillside and 7th rights-of-way, which are considered adequate outfalls. Calculations have been provided to and reviewed by the County in order to show the proposed drainage will be less than or equal to the existing drainage.

8. You said that the storm drain will connect to the Selby Heights Drive storm drain. That storm drain is constantly flooded during large storm events, so this development will be increasing that flooding. Some the existing site already drains to this storm drain system. By using storage devices, the existing peak flow to the site will be maintained or decreased to this system, which means that flooding will not increase as a result of this development.

9. What does in mean that 7th Avenue is privately maintained? It means that the property owners who front that portion of the road are responsible for the maintenance of the road, as opposed to a public road for which the County is responsible for maintenance.

10.  Why would the County not make that portion of 7th Avenue a public road? The County decides by their own interests whether to take responsibility for certain roads. They decided that it was more appropriate in this case to leave the right-of-way as private.

11. Why is 7th Avenue not connected to Hillside Avenue? It was determined by the Traffic Study and by comments from the community at the previous meeting that this configuration was not appropriate based on the traffic increase that would take place on this portion of 7th Avenue and the fact that the property owners are responsible for maintenance.

12. What are the lot sizes proposed? The minimum lot size by the bulk regulations is 15,000 square feet, and these lots don't appear to be meeting that? The lots are about 10,000 square feet in size, which is less than the minimum listed by zoning. This is allowed because this is considered cluster development, where smaller lot sizes are allowed by clustering the lots together, creating more room to meet open space and forest conservation requirements. Those requirements are being met by this development using the extra space created by clustering.

Andrew then closed the meeting at around 6:40pm. Informal discussion between the attendees and presenter continued floowing the meeting being closed.

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