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Hillside and 214

The following are meeting minutes sent to meeting attendees.

Sunset Development LLC

Community Meeting 12 August 2019

Meeting began at 6:05pm and ended at 7:05pm at the Edgewater Library with 8 people in attendance.

Per notes sent by Bay Engineering to meeting attendees:

  • Tim Martin and Annie Luttrell appeared for the applicant. Mr. Martin provided an overview fo the administrative process for the project with Anne Arundel County. He noted that all property owners within 300 feet of the subject property were provided notice of the meeting. he further noted that if there wer major changes or modifications to the plan. another community meeting will held.

  • Ms. Luttrell addressed the property location and surrounding land features using a conceptual layout plan. She the described the project (7 lot single family residential subdivision) noting the the sketch plan must be submitted to eh Coutny within 6 months of the community meeting. After that submittal, there will be a final development plan submitted to the County with another community meeting.

  • In describing the project, Ms. Luttrell noted the subdivisions would be served by public water and sewer and access would be via Hillside Ave. There will be a proposed road with a T-turnaround providing access to the site. Road improvements will be done on Hillside Ave per County requirements. the feeder schools were also outlined and discussed.

  • A question was raised regarding traffic. It was noted that traffic backs up on Hillside Avenue in the morning. Ms. Luttrell indicated that a Traffic Impact Study will need to be performed during the Adequacy of Public Facilities testing has of the project. It was further noted that both Maryland State Highway Administration as well Anne Arundel County would review and approve the study.

  • A question was raised as to screening along the permitter of the property. Ms. Luttrell said screening will be performed under the County Landscape Manual and a forest conservation easement would be created to preserve most of the perimeter trees. It was stated that both the Forest Conservation and Landscaping Plans will need to be adhered to and reviewed and approved by the Office of Planning and Zoning.

  • The property was identified to have R5 zoning classification and located outside the County's Critical Area limits. There are no wetlands or stream onsite.

  • Ms. Luttress, in response to a question, stated stormwater will not be discharged off site ingrate quantities than currently exits. All stormwater will meet the County's ESD to the MEP criteria. The design will not impair or exacerbate current stormwater conditions.

  • A question was asked about the possibility of cars parking within the road right of way of Hillside Avenue. Ms. Luttrell stated that both the Office of Planning and Zoning and the Fire Marshal's Office would not allow parking with-in the road right of way.

  • Ms. Luttrell noted there the project would meet the open space and recreational requirements.

  • On landscaping, Ms. Luttrell noted there would be tree planting requirements for the proposed road and forested area to preserved would be encumbering with-in a Forest Conservation Easement which would include the specimen tree located onsite. The project will meet Forest Conservation requirements.

  • Several residents noted that their primary concern are traffic and egress and ingress with the peninsula.

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