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214 Road Study

The Challenge: Road closures from accidents and other issues often shut down the traffic flow on Central Ave. (state route 214); the lack of shoulders in many areas is a safety concern; and emergency service response times have been below national standards even without accounting for potential

traffic delays. With more than 8000 residents relying on the road daily — and traffic expected to increase — it is important to plan for improving the quality of the road and flow of traffic along this route.

Points to Consider:

In 2016, the state labeled the majority of the length of Route 214 on the peninsula as being a category E/F in a scale of A – F due to the volume on the road.

Park development on the peninsula has increased traffic and could continue to do so if the park buildout continues as planned.

Approximately 640 more homes could be built on the peninsula, putting thousands of more cart trips on the road every day: approximately 640 single family homes * 10 trips a day = 6400 more


The current county code exempts development from traffic impact studies if the project generates less than 50 car trips per day. On a peninsula served by one access road, this policy fails to capture the

cumulative impact of smaller projects.

Several traffic studies have been conducted, identifying key issues, but there are concerns about their assumptions, timing and thoroughness. A study of projected park traffic found that the main road can handle the increased traffic but also said that safety and capacity improvements are needs, and that the Loch Haven intersection will operate at an ‘F’ level of service during weekday evenings and ‘E’

during midday on Saturdays.

Progress on this issue is complicated because it is a state road; both plans and funding must be coordinated between the county and the state.

Our thoughts:

The county should keep Mayo residents deeply and proactively involved in shaping decisions about Central Ave.

Road improvements should be addressed collectively before allowing new development to overwhelm traffic flow and bike/pedestrian safety.

The county policy for traffic impact studies from new development should be revised for more effective criteria on peninsulas.

Things YOU Can Do:

Review the results of the traffic studies :


Contact the County Council, county executive, County Department of Transportation and your state delegate and senator to voice your support for comprehensive planning of the road needs of the


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By The Numbers

2: The number of lanes in and out of the peninsula

1: The number of intersections allowing access to the peninsula

28,000+: The current number of car trips in and out of the peninsula on a daily basis based on 2018 State survey numbers:


3.4: The number of miles from Muddy Creek Road to the end of MD 214

6400+: The estimated number of additional car trips that will be added to the road system from the new development on the peninsula.

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