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At A Loss

There are many animals that make the Mayo Peninsula their home. Once humans start to pour into their environment and trees begin to disappear, they either just go away or they begin to infiltrate communities. The Mayo Peninsula hosts several pairs of nesting bald eagles. Beverly-Triton Beach, in particular, has a pair and recently their offspring have been spotted. For large birds of prey, bald eagles are very solitary and have been known to leave an area due to constant human interruption. 70%-80% of all bad eagles in Maryland nest in critical areas were they are supposed to be protected from development.

The Mayo Peninsula also hosts a variety of other animals like piebald deer, box turtles, red fox, blue heron, osprey and so many more. As the animals get pushed out of their environments, many move into surrounding neighborhoods. Animals like opossum, raccoon and red fox can pose serious threats to residents and their household pets.

Below are photos taken from the residents of the Mayo Peninsula to show the wildlife that they would like protected.

Maryland Conservation Group Says Drone Pilot Buzzed Bald Eagles Nest in Pasadena

April 25, 2018

Group says drone pilot buzzed bald eagle's nest

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