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About Us

Statement of Purpose:

The "Neighbors of the Mayo Peninsula" are residents of Mayo who believe that we don't have to sacrifice our quality of life for new development on the Mayo Peninsula.

As growth continues on the Mayo Peninsula, we believe that Mayo residents should have the right and the opportunity to guide development to ensure that:

  1. The health and safety of residents and their families is a top priority.

  2. The health of our environment and our waterways will be improved.

  3. Our children can attend schools that are not overcrowded or underserved; and 

  4. The history, culture, and natural resources that characterize the Mayo Peninsula and contribute to our quality of life is not comprised.

As new development begins in Mayo, we believe that:

  1. Residents of Mayo should be at the center of plans for growth that meets these objectives.

  2. Government officials should engage with, and be accountable to, the citizens they serve who are affected by these decisions.

As Neighbors of Mayo, we intend to take a very active role in designing the future of our communities to ensure that any growth is sustainable and consistent with these goals.

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Neighbors of the Mayo Peninsula