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2018 Elections

Your voice is incredibly important especially in the 2018 elections. There are a lot of issues that we face here in Mayo and it's important that we elect officials that will listen to us and will work with us for a common goal. People have commented that politicians don't hear the people. Then we need to elect ones that will! The most important thing you can do as a voter is to educate yourself on the candidates. Read through their websites. Attend a meet-and-greet and talk with the candidates face-to-face. Email them your questions if you don't get a chance to meet them personally. Politicians work for YOU! They represent YOU! Make sure you vote in the people that will stand behind you. 

Below you will see some of the candidates that are running for office. Take the time to read through their websites that are linked and keep a look out here and on social media where you can meet them.

The Neighbors of the Mayo Peninsula do not specifically endorse any one candidate. All information below was taken directly from the candidates website. We encourage everyone to visit the websites to learn more about each candidate. You can find election information at: elections.maryland.org.

MD House of Delegates - Seth Howard

'Together, We Are South County'

  • Eliminate the state tax on retirement income

  • Repeal the rain tax

  • Vote NO on proposed mileage tax

  • Sponsor legislation to allow local investment in small business

  • Develop a fair policy for Chesapeake Bay cleanup

  • Sponsor legislation to prevent taxpayer dollars for abortion

  • Protect law abiding citizens rights to keep and bear arms

MD House of Delegates - Mike Shay

'Committed to Our Community'

  • Illegal drugs and crime threaten our lives, our families, our homes and our community

  • Appropriate development and small area growth plan

  • Environmental issues, the law and enforcement

  • Agriculture and open space

  • Transportation and infrastructure

County Executive - Steve Schuh (R)

​'People Before Politics'

  • Increase jobs and economic growth​

  • Improve quality of education

  • Enhance public safety

  • Reform county departments

  • Create a cleaner environment

County Executive - Steuart Pittman (D)

'Putting Communities First'

  • Managing growth

  • Taking care of our own

  • Fiscal discipline

County Council District 7 - Jessica Haire (R)

'Fighting for Anne Arundel'

  • Limited Government

  • Preserving Our Heritage

  • Strong Schools

  • Citizenship

  • Crime

County Council District 7 - James Kitchin (D)

'Building A Government That Listens"

  • Local Quality of Life

  • Education

  • Political Voice

State's Attorney - Wes Adams (R)

State's Attorney - Anne Colt Leitess (D)

'She Will Never Play Political Games With Our Families' Safety'

  • Prosecutor Anne Colt Leitess has a proven record of protecting our community.

Sheriff - Jim Fredericks (R)

'Conservative Law Enforcement Leadership...For A Change'

  • Implement the latest threat analysis models to ensure innovative protection of our circuit court complex

  • Deliver enhanced resources to Deputies, prioritize warrants for violent offenders and reduce the backing of outstanding warrants, which is nearly 12,000 in Anne Arundel County

Sheriff - James Williams (D)

'Serving The Community With Integrity and Honor'

Board of Education District 7 - Michele Corkadel

'The Conservative's Choice'

Board of Education District 7 - Laticia Hicks

  • Increase our investment in public schools

  • Recruit an retain qualified teachers

  • Advocates for accessible programs and services to meet the needs of all students

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