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Current News

Development news!

The county has denied the latest proposal to build 42 homes in the Glebe Heights forest on Loch Haven Road.

The developer has one more chance to submit a revised proposal. But the county held the line on environmental policy, saying that the proposal failed to justify cutting down a number of “specimen” trees (high value trees).

The county also warned the developer that the submitted plans don’t meet county approval for stormwater management, traffic issues, or “adequate public facilities.” These were among the many concerns that Mayo residents raised at the community meeting in December. That means the developer still doesn’t have good answers for a lot of major questions, and the county has taken steps to follow the laws accordingly.

Matt Johnston, the county’s environmental policy director, said “The administration fully supports these decisions by the Planning and Zoning Officer. Building in Anne Arundel County must be sustainable and protect existing communities and our natural environment.”

We will keep you posted on what happens next.

Comments due by: 13 March

For the first time ever, Anne Arundel County Government is informing the public of pending land use change applications – this is step #1 in the process of potential re-zoning of a property’s usage. The process will evolve over the coming year along with the creation of the General Development Plan, Plan 2040.

These three land use change applications have been submitted for Mayo Peninsula properties. There are applications for other properties in Edgewater.

Application #15  
Mayo Ridge Marina/G. Bohan, 1293 Mayo Ridge Rd., near Mayo Elementary. 
The land use change application is from R-2 residential and MA2 marina to high-density residential status to allow two 3-story condominium buildings and accommodate 30-50 new residences.

Application #35
Burp n Terp, 712 Central Ave., E.
Land use change application for a 1.3 acre parcel of R-1 residential property to C-1 commercial. The lot is owned by and adjacent to a C-1 commercial property which contains an existing business. 

Application #86  
Rhode River Marina/Brian Connor, 3932 Germantown Rd.
Land use change application for a half-acre parcel of R-2 residential property with a house on it to be added to the nine-acre MB marine property adjacent.


Public comment is only being captured by electronic survey taken at the site of each land use change application and tabulated by application #. To view the land use change applications and to submit your comments to the County, visit the website at: 


Once you are at the site click OK at the instructions, locate the Mayo Peninsula, enlarge the area, and left click on the yellow-highlighted location of interest. Clicking on the Land Use Change Application will provide a copy application which was submitted. Clicking on the More Info line will allow you to input your comments on the proposed change. 

Comments are due no later than March 13th. 

Per Anne Arundel County: Note that the Viewer is only intended to map all Land Use Change Applications received.

APPLICATIONS HAVE NOT BEEN EVALUATED OR APPROVED FOR A LAND USE CHANGE. An application does not necessarily indicate that a land use change will be approved.

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